. . . A sa boulimie de Cerises, à son style pacotille. Un océan de pensées , Je t'offre une symphonie de couleurs . . . La vie est un jeu de cartes, Paris un Casino . . .

10 févr. 2013

Born to Die

Illustrations par Valfre.
"If you can't say it, write it. If you can't write it, find it on a Lyric"
' But I'm hoping that the Gates, they will tell me that you're Mine. Walking through the City Streets. I feel so Alone on a Saturday Night. It's like I told you Honey. Don't make me Sad, don't make me Cry. Sometimes Love is not enough and the Road gets tough. Keep making me Laugh, Let's go get high. Come and take a walk on the wild side. Let me Kiss you hard in the pouring rain. Choose your last words, this is the Last time. Cause you and I, we were - BORN TO DIE -. Lost but now I am found, I can see but once I was blind. I was so confused as a little Child. Scared that I couldn't find all the Answers Honey. '